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Can I keep the site updated myself after it is complete?

Yes. Most everything we build these days will allow you to be able to edit the site. Some clients prefer to just have us maintain it as they need minor edits. Minor edits are always FREE with Kship.

I already have hosting with someone else can you build my new site there?

We can, however we prefer to build using our hosting platform to guarantee all coding we do works 100%. It is possible that your current host may not have certain hosting elements to accommodate our coding style. This can cause lost time during development.

Will you build off of my current site designed by someone else?

Usually No. We do not like to work from another design if we don't have to. We feel we can provide a much better end product by starting from scratch. We can use content from an already existing website to be included in your new design and layout.

Can you move my domain from my current host to you?

YES! We will move your current domain to point us as well as any existing site you may already have online.

How long does it take to build my new site?

Generally if we have all of the content from the client upfront for each page as well as a desired menu system we can get you done in about 5-8 working days.

Web Services offered:

  1. Capturing data from your customer base
  2. Email Marketing Tools
  3. Real Estate Portals
  4. Subscription based apps
  5. Secure members area
  6. anything you can think of…
  7. Web Development / Hosting
  8. Professional Logo Creation
  9. e-Commerce Solutions – Sign up for online processing with Authorizenet
  10. Application Development
  11. Online Course Development
  12. Social Media Development

When you need web services of ANY kind, Kship has the experience to make you look like a pro! We have been developing solutions and hosting clients world wide since 1997. Be careful when dealing with amateur designers because it is YOUR image that is on the line:)

We offer many types of design services from complete professional logo creation to business cards, tri-fold brochures, and much more! We like to use a motto: “Anything Web…” because we can provide you with a full turnkey solution from start to finish not just for a web presence but all things associated with the image of your business!

We help you put your pieces together; step by step! Many of our previous clients would be the first ones to tell you how happy they are with how we helped them through something they knew nothing about. We pride ourselves on making our customers smile. If you want to work with someone who will give you the 100% attention and listen to what you want, and provide a fair affordable solution then the Kship Pros are for you.

We listen closely to what you want your website to do and we carefully design a system that will give you what you need. Ultimately, when the project is complete we support you when you have questions, provide training on how to use your new web system and most of all help you succeed as much as we can!

Kship would love to be your web developer. We have a custom system for our clients to manage their very own website after we have built the professional credible image for your business! Once we are complete with your project we sit down with you and show you the ropes. You do not need to know any HTML to maintain your site. We give YOU the power to make your OWN changes when you want:)

Contact us today and let us know what you’re thinking and we will give you our ideas on how to make it a reality. We look forward to hearing from you and most of all making new friends along the way:)

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